Kryston QuickSilver Gold

Kryston QuickSilver Gold Hooklength and Shock Leader

  • Coated braided line
  • Dual purpose for hooklengths and shock leaders
  • Ultra abrasion resistant for snaggy swims
  • Available in 20m spool, in breaking strains of 25lb, 35lb and 45lb
  • Ultra abrasion resistant for snaggy swims
  • £ 12.45 per spool

Kryston Say
It’s tough at the top…but even rougher on the bottom

Snags abound almost everywhere and at times we are forced to fish near them. QuickSilver has long been regarded as the finest tool for the job – no hype, just fact. Acclaimed by thousands as the most durable line on sale this outstanding product is now available with an added armour plated multi-coating.

The additional super tough shield makes the line more resilient than ever. Tested on the notorious Rainbow Lake, the St Lawrence and other similar nightmare waters this superb creation sailed through with flying colours.

Aesthetically the quality of the coating is stunning. The tough crystal clear skin allows the golden brown internal core to show through making it perfect for presenting bait over gravel, clay, sand, and brown silty bottoms. Unlike many products on sale the line has been specially treated ensuring the colour does not wash out after a few hours.

When used as a leader its silky finish combined with extreme low memory allows long smooth clatter free cast to give added distance. Leader knots can be tied with or without the coating. Removing the coating opens a whole new world to offer an exceptional range of rig options never before possible with a leader.

Make no mistake, this product is not just for overseas or shock-leaders; the 25lb version makes ideal hooklengths for wary fish in all UK waters. It has more finesse than many standard hooklength materials on sale having already proved itself by fooling a substantial number of extremely wised up carp.

Kryston QuickSilver Gold
Kryston QuickSilver Gold

The end result is an incredibly tough coated line of true low diameter proportions containing a sting in the tail that will fool many fish. It is designed and built to withstand anything the specialist world can throw at it. If you fish in hazardous swims in rivers or lakes where underwater obstructions take their toll on terminal tackle then this is the product for you.

The coating achieves a number of essential goals. It protects the internal braid, positively eliminates tangles, gives the line a cushion making it totally fish friendly, and finally, once removed, exposes the ultra fine braid to offer superb presentation by giving the hookbait complete freedom of movement.

Today, as fish increase to colossal sizes, so too must the quality of the tackle required to handle them. For snaggy areas both at home and abroad this product has proved to be an absolute must, as a shock/snag leader or a totally fish friendly hooklength it simply cannot be bettered.

If you think that you cannot use a leader for a hooklength or vice versa, then think again.

The benefits of a coated hooklength

  • First and most importantly the coating is there to protect the internal braid. A tough coating will prevent or certainly reduce damage to the internal braid from underwater hazards. Gravel, rocks, tree roots, mussels, abrasive weed and many other obstacles all take their toll on unprotected hooklengths. The tougher the coating is the greater degree of protection it gives to the hooklength, your lifeline to the fish.
  • The coating serves as an anti-tangle device by making the supple braid stiff. The stiffer the coating is the less is the likelihood of the line tangling. Unlike the many soft-coated braids on sale the stiff hook-link will not fold back on itself during flight therefore giving tangle free presentation.
  • Removing a section of coating offers unique opportunities for a wide variety of proven rigs.Knotless Combi-links, Hinge rigs and much more can easily be made with the minimum of fuss.
  • Finally it gives the internal braid a cushioned finish making it totally fish friendly.

Making a super tough coating

To make a coating super tough it needs to be built up in layers; it’s similar to applying multiple coatings of varnish to achieve a strong durable finish. A single thick coat as found in many lines on sale serves little if any purpose. The problem is a one-coat process leaves you with a soft easy to remove outer sleeve that offers inadequate protection to the internal braid, it also lacks the stiffness to prevent tangles. If a coating is easy to remove with your fingers imagine how easy it is for gravel and hazards to scrape it off.

So why do so many companies sell the vastly inferior one coat process braid? Sadly the answer is cost and scant regard for quality, it’s obviously cheaper to coat it once as opposed to multiple applications.

To produce the super tough shield on QuickSilver Gold no less than twenty-eight individual layers of coating have been applied; add to that a three-hour curing span between each coat.

Incredibly the braiding and coating process to produce just one single meter of QuickSilver Gold takes over one hundred man-hours to produce.

When it comes down to coated hooklengths and you genuinely want the best, the old adage of ‘You get what you pay for’ has never been more correct.

The unique coating of QuickSilver Gold

The coating on QuickSilver gold is unique when compared to normal coated lines on sale. It has been specially designed to offer multiple rig choices to suit the conditions of the swim.After the coating is removed you choose the type of presentation you want. The exposed braid can be used either stiff or super supple, or as a unique rig giving you a combination of both.

Due to the multi-coating process once you remove the outer sheath the newly exposed braid will be reasonably stiff. For a more natural presentation you may prefer the braid to be softer. To change its texture and feel is easy. Using mild pressure simply scrape your fingernails down the braid half a dozen times or so. As you scrape it gradually becomes softer, the more you scrape the softer and more pliable it becomes. This method will remove the very last traces of the coating giving you super supple presentation.

The Unique Triple Combi

If you want a combi rig with varying degrees of stiffness just scrape the final few inches. You now have a very stiff section from the swivel with coating intact, then a mildly stiff section where the coating has been removed, to finally a super supple soft section just before the hook where the braid has been repeatedly scraped. It’s a unique triple combi-rig with tapering degrees of stiffness and more importantly it works extremely well.

Gary Knowles’ Verdict

For years Kryston’s QuickSilver has been the number one hooklink choice of the majority of specialist and carp anglers for fishing in snaggy situations. Its superb abrasion resistance combined with its soft, supple properties means that in my opinion it has no equal.

Kryston QuickSilver Gold
13lb 7oz bream caught when using Kryston QuickSilver Gold

Well, the best just got better, Kryston have recently launched Quicksliver Gold which is basically the same high quality braid with an armoured multicoated skin. The benefits of this coating are both obvious and varied. It reduces the possibility of tangles as small areas of the hooklink can be stripped back leaving the same supple hooklink where required whilst maintaining a stiffer section closer to the lead or feeder. The coating also increased its abrasive resistance which means it is also used as a snag / shock leader by anglers fishing in extreme swims where rocks, boulders or sunken trees abound.

Kryston QuickSilver Gold
11lb barbel caught from the rocky Ribble when using Kryston QuickSilver Gold

Although primarily aimed at the carp and specialist market, predator anglers targeting species with ‘rasping’ jaws such as catfish and eels will also be delighted with the latest upgrade from Kryston, as the original QuickSilver has long been a part of their set ups as the number 1 hooklink of choice, and this latest development can only enhance that reputation.

I personally have been using this as a hooklink for some time on the Ribble, one of the rockiest, snag-ridden rivers that I have ever fished and as expected it came through with flying colours.

In my opinion, any angler who fishes for hard fighting species should have a spool of this in his tackle box as sooner or later the situation will occur when you need to present a bait in one of those snag-ridden swims that big fish just love. And if this situation does occur, then take it from me, it won’t let you down.