We approached Lords Lake with anticipation, the sat-nav told us that it was very close, we drove a little further and then the lake appeared. For us it was kind of how we had expected it as we had viewed it on Google Earth and the Angling Lines website so I knew it was a squarish kind of lake with a cabin on one side. It is a relatively new lake that has not had the time it needs to mature and appear more green and natural, so first impressions were not very appealing to the eye.


The lake was dug within the last twelve months and has had three stocks of carp now totalling about 140 carp, the mirror carp range between 20lb to 42lb and the last being Commons from 20lb to 41lb. On arrival we spent some time walking around the lake and soon noticed carp topping and crashing so we were very keen to get started. We walked back to the cabin and although it has a gypsiesque appearance we were very surprised by its interior. A good size bedroom with a double bed leading to a neat toilet/sink area separated by sliding door and then another sliding door leading to the kitchen.

100529PIC2_725158656.jpg 100529PIC3_493950563.jpg

The kitchen/diner area was a suitable size which could accommodate four anglers with one cooking and the others sat eagerly awaiting some fine grub. The kitchen is fully equipped with everything that you would need for a weeks stay, it even had washing up liquid and a tea towel. This included a full tea service, cutlery, glasses, glass bowls, two saucepans and two frying pans; there was also a two ring gas hob, a microwave, a fridge but no freezer. There are freezer facilities but they are located a short walk up the road at the fish farm.

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A table and four chairs that can be taken out onto the patio area that joins on to the cabin outside the entrance door, ample cupboard space and very hot running water, but as it is a mixer can be adjusted, the cold water is not suitable for drinking unless boiled first. On the other side of the kitchen is a very good shower room with ample space to disrobe and step in the shower.

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There is enough space for four anglers or for an angler and his partner who wishes to make the most of the accommodation it is fine. There is a large gravelled swim in front of the cabin that will take up to three bivvies spaced out evenly, but a lump hammer or a heavy mallet and heavy duty bivvy pegs will be necessary as the ground is rock hard. The weather from the start was warm and sunny with a south westerly wind so it was blowing from the rear of the cabin. However from the Monday the wind swung round to north-easterly which brought the cold wind and it became quite blustery. 


The bivvies went up, pods were assembled and it was not long before we were fishing, all our rigs were very similar with 4oz leads, safety leaders, size 4, seven inch hook lengths using either semi fixed bolt rigs or running ledger rigs. After catching a few carp we decided to change to a chod rig using a two inch 20lb length to safety leaders.

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The bait varied from maize, plastic maize, plastic pellet, Quest baits Chilli Chocolate, Rajah Spice over a bed of pellet, and a medium sized pva bag or boilies on a stringer. When we started catching we were very pleased with the results, the carp came out anywhere between 9 o clock in the morning and 10 o’clock a night. There seemed to be a few spots on the lake where the carp were being caught from, but they seemed to be everywhere and the carp definitely lived up to the usual Michel Bigot stamp, exceptional quality and powerful fighting French carp.

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After a bit of trial and error most of the carp came out on small beds of bait and it seemed to work better if using a back leads. The takes were very inconsistent being either full on or they seemed to be fiddling around with the bait which is common with newly stocked carp. Scott helped out on the new stocking of 19 Bigot Commons ranging from 24lb-35lb. Michel Bigot explained to us that these fish would put on between 4-5 kg a year as they are all young fish about 4-5 years old and fast growing strain.

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In conclusion, Lords Lake will be cracking runs water for up to four anglers who want to get away from it all in the French countryside, the surrounding banks will mature, trees will be planted and a perimeter fence will be constructed. Once this is done the lake will not look out of place and blend in nicely with the rest of the  local area. The accommodation would also suit a couple of anglers with partners who may want to take advantage of the cabin’s facilities.

The local town of Miré is a short drive away and the nearest large supermarket is located about five miles away and behind the supermarket is a reasonably stocked tackle shop where you can buy maggots.

Best wishes and happy fishing

Scott Ratcliffe & Mick Fisher