The Loughs Agency is holding its second Angling Fair on Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th March from 10.00am to 5.00pm at it’s headquarters at Prehen.

Admission is free to this unique opportunity to see how the experts tie flies and throw a line along with a wide range of all the latest tackle and accessories

The panel of internationally acclaimed fly tyers and casting demonstrators includes Marc Petitjean (Switzerland), Skuli Kristinsson (Iceland), Malcolm Greenhalgh (Fly Fishing & Fly Tying), Paul Procter (Trout & Salmon), Gary Coxon (Sage), Howard Croston (Hardy), Gary Bell (Loomis), Packie Trotter (Irish APGAI), Lawrie Hickman (Guideline) and the inimitable E.J. Malone, Robert Gillespie and Frankie McPhilips.Among the tackle providers will be some of the biggest names in angling including Partridge, Shakespeare, Hardy, Greys, Loomis, Fly Tec, Cookshill Fly Tying and Paul Morgan of Coch-y-Bonddu Books.

There will also be fly casting competitions and a group of National Angling Guides will be offering free tuition and a fly dressing competition to young anglers.Also on display will be the exciting and informative Riverwatch interpretative centre. Even if you have never held a fishing rod there will be something of interest to see or try your hand at.

Further information from John Todd, Loughs Agency Angling Manager on 077 363 74 110 or john.todd@loughs-agency.org.

Loughs Agency Exhibitors 5th & 6th March 05

Braddells in conjunction with Hardy’s & Grey’s showing the latest Hardy and Grey’s fly and spinning rods & reels 5m x 3m (Garage).

Lough Swilly Flies & Angling Centre showing a range of flies and tackle including Loop, Snowbee, Loomis, Cortland, Diawa, Airflow 5m x 3m(Garage).

Angling Classics and Stevie Munn displaying an extensive range of tackle, accessories and clothing.5m x 3m(Garage)

Boston Outdoor displaying outdoor clothing, sea fishing and other tackle. 5m x 3m(Garage)

Cookshill Quality Flytying Materials demonstrating some of the best natural fly tying materials available.5m x 3m(Garage)

Coch-y-Bonddu Books and Paul Morgan with a huge selection of angling books and featuring Jonathan Ward-Allen of Waterlog Magazine.4m x2m (Garage)

Hackle & Tackle showing another wide selection of tackle and clothing. 5m x 2m(Hatchery)

Lough, Stock & Barrel with more tackle to suit all types of angling.5m x3m (Hatchery)

Moorbrook Lodge Trout Fishery with another fine array of tackle including Guide products.5m x 3m (Hatchery)

Partridge of Redditch suppliers of quality hooks for all angling purposes. 5m x 3m (Marquee)

Shakespeare suppliers of all types of tackle for all angling occassions.5m x 3m (Marquee)

Fly Tek Fly Fishing suppliers of fly tying materials and accessories including Marc Petitjean Productcs.6m x 2m (Marquee)

Top Tackle one of Donegal’s top tackle shops.5m x3m (Marquee)

National Angling Instructors will be running a competition for young anglers with fly tying competitions and casting instruction.5m x 2m (Marquee)

Richard Caddell Products. 5m x 2m (Marquee)

Keith Shanaghan Products. 3m x 2m (Marquee)

Irish Country Sports and Country Life Magazine is one of Ireland’s leading field sport and angling publications. 2m x 2m (Marquee)

Chris Sandy makes clocks and other woodwork items featuring flies. 3m x 2m (Marquee)

William Helps is an artist/illustrator featuring angling and fish themes. 3m x 3m (Marquee)

Irish Ladies Flyfishing Association promoting all aspects of ladies interested in fly fishing. 3m x 2m (Marquee)

Mylan Products are suppliers of a range of aluminium hulled angling and workboats. 12m x 6m (Grass area)

Hugh O’Boyle with a selection of antique tackle and literature. 4m x 2m (Garage/Hatchery)

Loughs Agency Fly Tyers and Casting Demonstrators 5th & 6th March 05

Fly Tyers

Malcolm Greenhalgh (Fly-Fishing & Fly Tying) tying North Country spider patterns and sea trout flies. 2m x 2m (Marquee)

Paul Procter (Trout & Salmon) tying river trout flies and nymphs.2m x 2m (Marquee)

Paul Little tying classic salmon flies.2m x 2m (Marquee)

Terry Jenner tying saltwater patterns.2m x 2m (Marquee)

Frankie McPhilips tying traditional and modern lough style flies.2m x 2m (Marquee)

E.J. Malone (Irish Trout & Salmon Flies) tying Daddy Long Legs.2m x 2m (Marquee)

Peter Kealey tying traditional Irish salmon patterns.2m x 2m (Marquee)

Peter Dunne tying salmon and pike flies. 2m x 2m (Marquee)

Robert Gillespie tying Irish shrimp flies. 2m x 2m (Marquee)

Skuli Kistinsson tying original Icelandic salmon patterns. 2m x 2m (Marquee)

Victor Wallace tying shrimp and small tube salmon flies. 2m x 2m (Marquee)

Robert McHaffie tying a selection of patterns for Partridge. Working on the Partridge stand.

Mark Petitjean giving a talk and demonstrating on the best ways to tie with Cul de Canard feathers.

Casting Demonstrators

Gary Coxon (Sage) demonstrating and instructing on Spey and other casts.

Gary Bell (Loomis) demonstrating and instructing on Spey and other casts.

Packie Trotter (Irish APGAI) demonstrating and instructing on a whole variety of casts.

Howard Croston (Hardy & Greys) demonstrating and instructing on a variety of casting with a trout rod.