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9th July 2001

Sandy and Sandybank Pools have been re-opened, although thedisinfectant foot dip provided must be used, as they should anywherethey are provided. These waters have been the subject of many memberenquiries, who point out that they have been looking forward to beingable to fish them again.

The little River Bollin has again exceeded all expectations andhas fished its socks off. Water keeper, Ste Brown reports that plentyof chub, dace, roach, perch and the occassional barbel have keptmembers occupied on all of our stretches. Chub to 2.5lb have producedmany an exciting, rod bending, episode to most who venture on to thislittle gem of a river.

Member and river specialist Ste Daley, reported a session at Warburton Weir, which he enjoyed last Sunday morning. The bulk of hiscatch was from the deepest water, and was dominated by perch up to1lb, amongst his catch was dace, chublets, roach, roach breamhybrids, rudd and gudgeon. However, the highlight of his session wasa brace of brown trout weighing in at 5lb-14-0 and 3lb respectively,these fish are likely to be the fish that have been mistaken forsalmon in recent times.

Ste points out that meat and corn baits did not produce one bite,and that all his fish, over one hundred, came to worm.

Lymmvale has, as usual, kicked out its usual list of specimensincluding a catfish of 28lb-2-0, which fell to a plum flavouredboilie presented by member Dave Simpson last friday night. On thesame night Joe Ludgate landed a mirror carp of 18lb-7-0 and fourtench all weighing between 6 and 7 pound. In between these fishaction was provided by tench up to 4 pound.

Village Pool is recovering slowly from its low oxygen levelscaused by an algal die back, and hopefully this water will be readyfor opening soon. Many thanks to the members who have assistedgreatly by manning the aeration equipment, and those who haveassisted on some important remedial work on and around the water.

Waters remaining closed due to foot and mouth are as follows:-Farm Pool, Fingerpost Pool, both stretches of the River Dane,Woodside pool and Oak Pool. The Welsh rivers are still difficult toadvise on due to the reappearance of some restriction signs, whichmay or may not have been placed malevolently. However, the advice ofthe Club is to always obey any on-site signs.

Belmont and Founders Pool are the most consistant waters for carp,with this weeks best being a common from Founders weighing just under26lb. Founders is also producing a good mix of other species, withBelmont producing the biggest bream which weighed in at at 7.5lb.

The River Severn at Atcham and Rossall are improving markedly,probably due to barbel feeding hard following their spawning season.Typically, Atcham is providing the best of the daytime sport, whilstRossall remains the favoured stretch by members with a nightpermit.

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