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20th August 2001

Having spent a few hours on Whitley pool with the missus lastFriday, I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the roachand crucians we caught. As it happens these were the only twospecies that we caught on the day, there was no sign of any tench andcarp, probably due to the fact that we fished the fullness of daywhen tench and carp action is known to drop off. Nevertheless, thefish we caught were in pristine condition and fighting fit.

Whitley Pool is somewhat of a mystery as the experts tell us thatit cannot sustain fish life at all, due to its high ammonia content.Somehow the water not only sustains fish life they thrive in there,growing to specimen sizes and even successfully breeding, such is thefishes ability to adapt when changes are brought about slowly.

The moral of the story must be; What do the experts know anyway?

Grimsditch has bounced back from yet another de-oxygenationepisode. Again the problem was caused by an alga die back. Its nottoo many years ago that de-oxygenations were rare on Club waters, nowthey are a regular occurrence with several occurring each year. Is thisan indication of changing weather patterns?

The heavy downpours brought about by last Sunday’s thunderstorms,will have Club officials bracing themselves for the effects of theresulting cold water flush. Members can help by reporting any signsof fish in distress.

Dave Shard ventured onto his beloved River Severn last week, thistime he fished the Tern mouth and was rewarded with a string oflively and chunky barbel. Unfortunately, he could not mask hisfrustration at not quite breaking the double barrier, his biggest fishwas 9lb-14.0, just two ounces short of his target no matter how hetwiddled with his scales.

Statham Pool is producing decent bags of fish, with roach, perch,skimmers and rudd producing a bite a chuck high up in the water,carp, pike and bream have produced well for specimen hunters.

Oak Pool is another water producing well, as borne out by a recenttutorial session undertaken by Eunice Shard. Eunice, giving youngVicky Spencer her first taste of fishing, soon had her catching astream of roach, rudd and perch, much to Vicky’s delight. Vicky’sdad, Jeff, reported that he was very impressed with his daughtersachievement and would encourage her to take up the sportseriously.

I happen to know that members are making use of our stretch ofRiver Dane on Daisybank Farm. Please send me some reports, as thereare rumours of brilliant catches, which are as yet unsubstantiated.Please note that our Manor Farm stretch remains closed until furthernotice, this is due to foot and mouth precautions.

Also remaining closed for the same reasons is Fingerpost Pool.

On a negative note a member had several thousand pounds worth oftackle stolen, whilst he was seeing how his mate was doing, lastSunday on Shakerley Mere. He reports he only left his tackle for acouple of minutes, but unfortunately it was enough time for one ofmankind’s low life to make their move. Please bear in mind that whenyou hear of fishing tackle going cheap, it may well have been stolenfrom a fellow angler. If these thieves had no market for their illgotten gains, then there would be no motive to nick it in the firstplace.

I can be contacted on 01925 411774.