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24th September 2001

The larger waters have been a little fickle over the last week, todemonstrate this Lymm Dam is a perfect example. Last Saturday the NFALadies Regional Championship Match was fished on the ‘Dam’, and manystruggled for fish, mainly due to to its change in form. A fortnightago the winning tactics was pole fished squatts, with small amountsof feed cupped in regularly, the following week this tactic wasovershadowed by feeder methods on the tip which found many matchwinning bags of good sized bream. On the day of the Ladies match thetip method failed to result in fish, leaving the competitors tochange to the pole to land silver fish for the remainder of thematch. Who knows what the best tactics will be tomorrow, or the nextday, possibly something completely different?

Congratulations to Warrington AA’s Marion Wharmby who was theindividual winner on the day, also a member of the winning team.

Good luck to the Senior Match Group, whose NFA Division 1 Nationalwill be taking place this coming Saturday on East Anglia’s Great Ouseand River Cam. These are large slow running rivers once famous forits bream shoals, unfortunately these shoals disappeared through thesixties and seventies, a situation considered by many due to themismanagement of the then river authorities pandering to the needs ofboaters by desimating weed beds, and thus removing valuable spawninggrounds.

Back on our own rivers. I am aware there is a ripple of concern(forgive the pun) about the performance of the River Severn,particularly the Rossall stretch. This has spurred me to contact someof our Severn specialists, who know the river of old. By and largetheir views are that there is little, or no change, in itsperformance.

They all conclude that, for some reason or other, this stretch isnotorious for poor daytime fishing, and that it starts waking up twoto three hours before darkness continuing until about midnight, giveor take an hour or two. This pattern of fishing is quite different onthe Atcham stretch, which seems to fish best during the day. Weirdisn’t it, especially when there is only a couple of miles betweenthem. However, we will continue to monitor fishery reports, pleasekeep them coming.

On and around the pools, fishing has remained steady with many agood report from Village, Statham, New, Farm, Woodside, Founders,Sandy, Sandybank and Pools, with decent catches also reported fromall the waters on the Belmont Estate Complex.

This coming Monday (1st October), at 8 pm is the deadline for allAnnual General Meeting proposals and nominations. Please note thatthey must be in the hand of the Secretary by this time, with allneeding to be signed by the proposer / nominator and countersigned bytwo seconders, all of whom must be fully up to date members.

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