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30th October 2001

Dark nights, colder conditions and a damp environment have had aneffect on the number of anglers out on waters. Head bailiff, KevPeers, reports that waters are mostly quiet at the moment, with justthe odd angler wetting a line, one such angler is member AlanPinninington. Its hard to know what conditions would keep him awayfrom the waterside, probably an ice cover too thick to break. Anywayno such conditions have arrived yet this year and he has beenspending most of his days out on Whitley Pool.

Last week he caught thirty three carp, ranging from 7lb to 19lb,averaging just over eight fish per session. All of Alan’s fish werecaught on pole, a piece of equipment he would have nothing to do withjust a few years ago.

Lymm Dam has been highly coloured following last weeks rain,however by the time of going to press the colour should be droppingout nicely, a condition much more conducive to fishing. The SankeyCanal is a little peggy at the moment, with form ranging from poor toexcellent, therefore pleasure anglers are advised to move pegs ifthere is no sign of action after thirty to forty minutes.

Around other waters form is what can be expected at this time ofyear, temperature drops will adversely affect fishing, up until thetemperatures stabilizes. Species that dominate in the summer months,such as crucians and tench, will be overtaken by species such asroach, perch and pike. Therefore careful choice of waters, takingthe inhabitant species as a deciding factor, will likely lead toaction of some sort or another.

Rivers have been very high over the last week, although theirlevels are now dropping which with a little luck will make for idealconditions by the weekend. Best reports last week came from WinchamBrook, which seems to fish well regardless of the conditions, catchesare dominated by grayling, dace, chub and roach.

Just a timely reminder for all anglers who enjoy all year roundfishing, include warm clothing on your Christmas present wish list.Items that can make all the difference in making outings morecomfortable range from neoprene gloves to all in one thermal bodysuits, with items to suit all pockets. If advice is required on suchproducts, then visit your local tackle shop, who will only be tooglad to help you.

It is also specially advisable at this time of year, to informsomebody of where you are going fishing, and at what time you expectto be home.

I can be contacted on 01925 411774.