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26th November 2001

On most waters frosts have had a negative impact on fishing over the past few days, with rivers giving the best option. The Bollin has produced well, with water keeper Ste Brown reporting good catches of chub, dace, perch and rudd, with one ore two barbel being caught on the Reddish stretch. Wincham Brook has also drawn some extra attention from members, due to its current form and quality of fish.

Dave Shard points out that the Rivers Severn and Vyrnwy are producing chub of big proportions, with Club official Tom Casey landing a fish which could be of record proportions. Unfortunately for Tom he did not have anything to record the size of the fish, although he is certain it was in double figures. His monster chub will be his target fish over the Winter, and because of this he is keeping its location secret. We can rest assured that he will not venture out again without his camera or scales.

Jeff Spencer reports that Grimsditch Mill Pool has fared very well over the adverse weather of last week, with plenty of skimmers, roach and rudd coming to members and day ticket anglers alike. Nearby on Farm Pool, form remains remarkably good with large numbers of roach, perch and rudd being caught, although I have not had any reports of tench caught over the last week.

Village Pool has had another episode of low oxygen, this time the Environment Agency speculate that it was caused by leaf fall, which is rotting down quicker than usual due to a slightly higher water temperature than is usual at this time of year. This dipping oxygen content will explain the water’s poor form last weekend, hopefully the water will be back to normal and reopened by the time you read this.

Whitley Pool, Statham Pool and Lymmvale remain a good option at this time of year, due to their depth of water which buffers them from rapid air temperature drops. A little time spent with a plummet, plumbing the depth, can be the difference between a good session or a bad session. The temperature differences within a couple of feet can be significant, therefore theoretically if you locate warmer water, you will locate the fish.

It will be your last chance to book your place for this year’s Fur & Feather, as the deadline for bookings will be this coming Saturday (1/12/01). There are still a few pegs left for this traditional match, which will be fished on Sunday the 9th December. To book your place, give Mark Webster a ring on 01925 629105.

I can be contacted on 01925 411774.