I’ve fished in France on numerous occasions, but most often at the Domaine des Iles estate lake, fishing for the big carp. Over this time the owner of DDI, Bernard Caron, his lovely wife Odile, son Jean Claude, and Bernard’s English agents Paul and Dave have become good friends.

Message in a bottle!
The last time I was there was last September, and during that visit Bernard gave me a very special drink he’d had from a friend. I can’t remember the name of it, but I think it’s made from a plant that is found in the Austrian alps. A sprig of the plant remains in the drink in the bottle.

It was very strong, but had a wonderful unique taste. In fact it was one of the best drinks I’ve ever tasted. Bernard had one bottle and we had just one small drink each after a superb meal. But Bernard realised how much I’d enjoyed it and very generously poured me another one.

Anyhow, Bernard has just sent me a couple of pictures of two nice pike he caught from the lake. And a picture of him and Paul with THAT bottle!

Now that’s what I call rubbing salt in the wounds. I can’t get to France right now, the fishing over here is rubbish at the moment. Foot-and-mouth disease is slowly bringing the fishing in the UK to a grinding halt anyhow – and they send me a picture of my favourite drink that I can’t have!

All I can say is that they’d better hide it when I go over next!