Another five thirties from Bury Hill

Another week and another 5 thirties reported from Temple bringing this year’s total to 20 which includes 17 in the last 6 weeks alone.

Clayton Baker 31.6
Clayton Baker with his 31.6 common

First up were the Baker boys (all pictured), Clayton Baker with his 31lb 8oz mirror and 31lb 6oz common, and Glen Baker with his 31lb oz mirror.

David Hopkins caught a stunning 34lb 4oz mirror and a new PB when he fished peg 12 this weekend. David fished an 18mm Icelandic Red bait to the island margins and also caught a 20lb mirror.

Clayton Baker 31.8
Clayton Baker with his 31.8 mirror

Dan Hughes was another lucky angler to catch a thirty, a 30lb 8oz mirror, which he caught on an 18mm Fusion bottom bait fished to the island margins from peg 11. This is Dans third thirty from Temple in the last 4 weeks.

Glen Baker 31.8
Glen Baker with his 31lb mirror

David Evett was the other angler to bag a thirty this weekend along with three other good fish. Fishing mid water peg 6, David fished a Heathrow Baits boilie to the island margins catching four big mirrors weighing 30lb 2oz, 29lb 14oz, 28lb 4oz and 23lb 2oz.

Completing last weekend’s catches, Rob Gubby managed four mirrors during his session on Temple which included fish weighing 31lb 2oz, 26lb 6oz, 22lb 8oz and 22lb 2oz. Rob fished peg 5 catching all his fish on Icelandic Red baits.

Steve Clements also struck lucky on Temple early week catching a 32lb 8oz linear and 22lb mirror. Steve fished peg 2 catching his fish on homemade bottom baits.