With such a vast array of bait flavours on the market these days you need a degree in decision making just to decide which flavour to use. But here’s one from the small but sincere Mr Wriggles stable that really caught my eye and has since proven to be a good fish-catcher. I’ve used it on several baits and for several species, catching tench to over 9lb, some good bream, carp and chub.

It is excellent too, for making a plain groundbait smell a bit special rather than that bland, just-bread smell we know so well. Pour a few mls into the water and stir well before adding it to your dry mix.

Before I opened the bottle I wondered if it would smell like sweetcorn, for there are many flavours out there that smell nothing like what the label says. This one does – and some! A lovely, strong, almost overpowering sweetcorn smell. A full 50ml bottle costs just £ 2.50, and sweetcorn is just one of a range of sensible flavours from Mr Wriggles. Visit Tackle Mart and their on-line shop: www.netlineuk.net/~angling