No bites equals no fish? Not necessarily so…

Those days on the shore or riverbank when you can’t buy a bite… You scratch your head… What’s going on?

The first and most normal conclusion you come to in order to shift any blame from yourself is that there’s no fish where you are standing – you’ve chosen the wrong spot; it’s the most reasonable explanation.

I was in this position just last week. I was fishing Samphire Hoe – one of the best venues in Kent during summer for its variety. I chucked lures for hours and also used baits but I was getting no action whatsoever. No fish here – I was convinced of it…

Then I reviewed some underwater footage I shot on a spare rod when I got home.



The images coming from the laptop were both fascinating and beautiful. Through the crystal clear water, I could see dozens of fish nosing the bait, but perhaps more interesting were those that ignored it altogether, including some nice pollack and a large bass. Meanwhile, yards away, fish which should have jumped on my shiny lures ignored them completely.

That’s why we love fishing, right? There were probably a range of reasons why they weren’t interested: weather, tide etc. I’ll never know.

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