Future sea angling reports will have a new slant and “he won by amile” could become a regular cliché now that the North WestAssociation of Sea Angling Clubs are to decide tournament winners bythe length of the fish!

It is a great conservation decision with all future sea fishingmatches decided on a catch and release basis.

While doesn’t do much for the poor old angling photographerslooking for a catch shot at the end of the day, any fish caught willbe unhooked, weighed immediately by a neighbouring competitor andreturned to the sea.

All species will be measured nose to tail and at the end of thesession the anglers with the highest total will be the winner and inthe event of a tie, the decision will go to the greater number offish.

It should be fun when the beach anglers, armed with their tapesand rulers, turn out for the first of the North West Association’sSummer League matches on Sunday May 13 at Red Rocks in the DeeEstuary.

Dave Houghton