Like all of us I’m not getting any younger and some bits of me are no longer working quite as well as they once did (steady….). I’m talking about my eyes here, and although I can still see close up to tie the smallest of hooks when it comes to distance vision – be it for fish spotting, watching a float at range, or just enjoying the surroundings – it can, at times, be a bit of a blur…

The guys at Shade Station offer some superb Polarising glasses for angling, as we reviewed HERE last year, and there are also a great range of Oakley sunglasses HERE but they also offer a full range of prescription lenses in some stylish and practical frames and they suggested I take a look at a pair of Oakley glasses, which they thought would be ideal for the angler – and indeed the angler about town.

Now some prescription glasses are made for sport, others are designed for lifestyle but the Oakley Crosslink Sweep Glasses brings you the best of both worlds with the freedom of versatility and they feature interchangeable arms, with each set including two pairs of very different stems.

My set were supplied with a smart and ‘sensible’ black and grey set, and a black and brown set – still perfectly smart but, I felt, particularly suited to being out and about on the bank. However, being a bit (OK, a lot) of a tart I must admit that having seen just how good the glasses are, how comfortable they are to wear and how quick and easy it is to change the arms I went and bought a really rather racy red set of arms and an eye-popping lime green set. Wicked!

Each set features Oakley’s patented Unobtanium rubber compound which will grip to your face even more when you sweat; an invaluable asset for everyday use as well as when you are out and about and made with Oakley’s ‘three-point-fit’ system, the glasses only ever contact your head in three areas; on your nose and above your ears, which means that they will fit the vast majority of head sizes and shapes.

Shade Station can have Oakley Authentic Prescription Lenses glazed into the frames or their in-house expert opticians can glaze their own high quality lenses in the frames.

Glasses are a personal thing but these I just love and the balance of versatility and practicality is just spot on; they are supplied in a tough, zipped hard case that houses a spare set of arms and which will withstand the rigours of your tackle bag as well as being ideal for everyday use. Well worth a look…