One of Her Majesty’s fun-loving friends gave her a Big Mouth Billy Bass toy fish and evenings at Buckingham palace have never been the same as the Queen sings along with Billy to the tunes of Al Green’s ‘Take Me To The River’ and ‘Don’t Worry, Be Happy’.

According to The Sun Her Majesty loves the fish and has a real laugh as she sings along with Billy as he waggles his head and flaps his tail.

A royal spokeswoman said, “Her Majesty does indeed own a Big Mouth Billy Bass. It resides on her piano at Balmoral and she obviously enjoys its company.”

Big Mouth Billy Bass, an American-designed fish, has become hugely popular and been sold by the million at around £ 20 each.

Malcolm Ford, of London distributors Funtime Gifts, said: “It’s great the Queen has one. I’ve not met anyone who does not get a chuckle out of Billy – not even Her Majesty.”