In this tips section it doesn’t matter how big or small, howsimple or how complicated the tip is, all that matters is that iteither helps us to catch more or bigger fish, or just makes life alot simpler or easier.

This one comes from David O’Loughlin

Have you seen the price of a replacement quiver tip? When I did, I thought I needed something to protect mine. The other week I came across this extendable tube for brushes and things in the local Art shop. I thought that’s the fella’.

The measurements are 17″ extending to 29″ & 2 1/2 ” in diameter and it cost £ 7.99. My quivers fit in easily, including that bit of rod that’s left when the quiver is out. I can then easily alter and lock the length with a twist. It’s made of plastic and I don’t think standing on it would do it any good, but the tips may survive.

There was a bigger one (probably for paper) for £ 12.99, that looks like it was approx 24″ – 45″ and around 4″ – 5″ in diameter, for those that quivertip for sharks.

If you wish to contribute a tip tothis section please send to graham@fishingmagic.comand remember that a good picture or line drawing helps to explainthings a lot easier.