The catfish at the Horton Boat Pool continue to creep up in weight and despite the fact that we are now nearing the end of the catfishing season there have been a couple of cracking specimens caught during the past fortnight.

Bob Coleman, 45lb 14oz

Ash Bradbury, 46lb 10oz

First off was this excellent fish of 45lb 14oz which fell to fishery bailiff Bob Coleman who presented a livebait to fool the fish.

Shortly after the capture of this fish student Ash Bradbury, at Horton on work experience, netted a different fish of 46lb 10oz to set a new venue best for the water. Ash presented a Carp Tech boilie to take the fish just after first light in the morning.

With a number of fish now over 40lb and three different specimens over 45lb Horton Boat Pool looks like it might be in line to challenge the unofficial British catfish record of 51lb 4oz next season.

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