Source: Angling Trust


Great fishing is about the prospect of lots of quality fish while spending time enjoying the outdoors. Quality fish come from healthy populations enjoying good water, plenty of food and access to habitat. When we have dams, denuded riverbanks, culverts, dredged gravel beds and poor water quality we don’t have healthy fish and we certainly don’t have great fishing experiences.

That is why the Angling Trust is working to improve fish habitats. It’s a simple equation: the more quality fish habitat, the more quality fishing you will be able to enjoy.

Improving fish habitats involves all of us and we need your help. To improve what we do, we would like to know more about you, what you know and what you think about habitat.

We are taking part in an international survey with counterparts in the USA, Ireland and Australia. The survey should take no more than five minutes and is available by clicking HERE. After completing the survey you will be redirected to a new page for prize draw entry.

All the information is anonymous and not related to your email address. We are pleased to offer a prize of an Angling Trust cap, polo-shirt and hoodie from our online shop HERE

There’s a link at the end of the survey that takes you a page where you can enter the draw for these great prizes. The prizes vary depending on what country you are in and the winners will be drawn randomly after the survey is closed, so keep an eye on your inbox in July!