Following on from our look at the Oakley Woodland Camo Fuel Cell Polarising glasses next up are a pair of sunnies that offer a brilliant combination of style, practicality and value – the Dirty Dog Clank.

Dirty Dog Sunglasses are the embodiment of pure bred performance and over 20 years of advanced technology. They revolutionised the industry and delivered unprecedented eyewear into the hands of even the most discriminating fanatics.

The Dirty Dog Clank 53182 Sunglasses feature a comfortable black acetate frame with tapered arms and have a stylish curved fit. The lenses are Polarised grey and will protect your eyes from 100% of UVA, UVB and UVC light.


The grey lenses are ideal for day-long usage and are particularly good for bright, sunny days when there is maximum reflection off the water, which can make fish spotting very tricky indeed. The clarity in good light was exceptional but, as with all grey lenses, these won’t perform as well as an amber lens in very low light levels and, as with all Polarising glasses usage when fishing, it is essential to carry at least two different coloured lenses with you to ensure your eyes are best adjusted in all conditions. In this respect check out the Shade Station store HERE for other Dirty Dog colour variants.

Dirty Dog Clank 53182 Sunglasses are supplied with a drawstring soft pouch and are available to buy HERE from Shade Station at £40.50 and come with an official Dirty Dog Sunglasses 1 year guarantee. A prescription lens option is also available.