Korum Day Session Shelter

  • Heavy duty 100% waterproof nylon cover
  • Taped seams
  • Aluminium poles
  • Two frame support bars
  • 7 Heavy duty ground pegs in their own fitted carry bag
  • £ 64.99
Korum Say
Specially developed for the Korum range, this lightweight, easy to transport, easy to erect shelter is an ideal alternative to the umbrella.

It obviously provides more all round cover than an umbrella whilst only occupying a similar area. It is sturdier and more stable in the wind and can’t possibly turn inside out!

With its top panel rolled back it becomes the perfect windshield for those days when that’s all that is needed.

It is manufactured using aluminium poles and a heavy duty 100% waterproof nylon cover with taped seams.

Supplied with two frame support bars, one back pole and seven heavy duty ground pegs in its own fitted carry bag.

Once in position the Korum Shelter can be used down (cabriolet style) as a wind break, or with the top panel in place as a full shelter. The change can be done in under one minute.


I’ve used this shelter for some time now and the only real complaint I’ve got, which we’ll get out of the way straight off, is that I still have a little difficulty taking the poles apart when taking it down.

There’s a knack to it that I just can’t grasp every time. Sometimes it almost collapses without any difficulty at all and another day I struggle. My mate, who has had his Day Session Shelter almost as long as I have has very little trouble, so it may be that the ferrules on my shelter are that much tighter than his.

Cabriolet style when that’s all that’s needed

The other very minor complaint is that it’s curved when taken down and is reluctant to slide into my rod quiver. I have to be sure that I’ve folded it as tight as possible, which isn’t always easy when it’s wet.

That apart, it’s a nice job that does everything it claims to do. It’s easy to erect, has a reasonably small footprint and yet offers heaps of cover for one man and all his gear.

The fact that you can drop the top half down and use it as a windshield is handy too on those days when you don’t want full cover. It’s very stable in the wind and rarely needs any support other than the ground pegs, which are top quality and supplied in their own bag.

Other than it being a pain in the bum sometimes when I’m taking it down, I like the Day Session Shelter and feel good when I’m tucked inside it when the weather is not too good.