Nite TX10 Sports Watch

Nite TX10 Sports Watch from Nite International

  • Diameter: 43mm, Depth: 11.75mm, Weight: 92grams
  • Dial and strap available in Black, Blue or Digital Green
  • Swiss-made, Swiss-parts movements (Ronda 505.6 movement)
  • High grade solid stainless steel cases
  • Ultra-thick, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal with triple anti-reflective coating
  • GTLS (Gaseous Tritium Light Source) illumination
  • One piece case and strap
  • Water resistant to 100m (330ft)
  • Polymer strap with double-toothed ‘locking looper’ buckle for security
  • 3V Lithium battery with a life of 45 months
  • £ 175.00


Nite International has launched the second generation of its stunning range of outdoor watches featuring tritium illumination. This highly specialised dial glow allows the watch to be instantly read in any light condition – extremely useful to outdoor enthusiasts.

Not too big and bulky and very easy to read

Nite watches are manufactured to exacting standards using the highest quality materials and built to withstand the most extreme conditions . Every model in the collection now features Swiss-made, Swiss-parts movements, high grade solid stainless steel cases and ultra-thick, scratch-resistant sapphire crystals with triple anti-reflective coatings. The result is a range of watches that will deliver unsurpassed performance no matter what the wearer throws at them.

Nite watches are priced from £ 160-290 including VAT and are available from outdoor retailers as well as direct from For more information call +44 (0)1202 487757.

FishingMagic Verdict

This is my second watch from Nite (originally Traser). Not that I would have needed a second one had I not had a senior moment a couple of months ago and threw it in the lake.

I was packing away after a day’s fishing and taken it off so I could wash my hands in the lake. I knew the watch was waterproof but I had so much crud on my hands and up my wrists I couldn’t wash it off properly with my watch still on. So I took it off and I placed it in my groundbait bowl, to one side of the what little groundbait remained. When I finished washing my hands I picked up the groundbait bowl and flung the remaining groundbait in the lake. Course, the watch went with it! I was in a hurry, didn’t think and didn’t look.

It was the best watch I’ve ever had, hardly being off my wrist in more than four years . I was so pleased with it I didn’t even think of replacing it with something different, other than the new model, the TX10, that has an even better specification.

GTLS – tiny Betalights

The time, day or night, is very easy to read, and there are no buttons to press to illuminate the hands and figures at night. The hands and figures are fitted with tiny betalights, or GTLS lamps, that glow in the dark and last between 10 and 20 years. And believe me, there is no squinting needed to read it at night.

The new strap design is excellent. It’s an integral part of the watch, it’s comfortable and, more to the point when fishing or enjoying other sports, the double toothed ‘locking looper’ means it’s safe (unless you throw it in the lake!).

Secure strap

Being water resistant to 100m is obviously a bonus to an angler, and the tough, scratch resistant crystal (‘glass’ cover over the dial) also helps when it’s likely to get mucked up and knocked about somewhat.

Expensive? No, I don’t think so. These watches are quality, great looking and with a performance to match.

No kidding, it was like losing a friend when I chucked my old watch in the lake, but this new model will probably be a better mate than the last one. Take a look at the full range (, if the TX10 isn’t quite what you’re looking for there’s bound to be a model that’s right up your street.