Shimano BeastMaster Feeder Rods – 9-11′ Multi

  • 9 – 11ft Carp Feeder Rod
  • £ 75.00

THE RANGE OF BEASTMASTER rods from Shimano is very extensive and covers match and carp float, feeder rods, spinning rods, carp and pike rods, and barbel and specialist rods.

This one, the 9 – 11 feet carp feeder rod, I have been testing for about 8 months now. I am just about to report and what happens? Shimano update their range and the BeastMaster Feeder and Match rods have a complete new look. However, I managed to get a good look at the new models at the Tackle & Guns Show on Monday, 26th October 2006, and I can tell you, they are really nice!

Not only nice, the new rod has been improved and is perhaps a little lighter in weight and a little stiffer in the mid-section. The graphics have also changed and they now make the rod look like a really expensive model. What has changed on the one I have been testing is that they have dropped the word ‘Carp’, which is a good thing although the new model will still handle carp and perhaps even better than the old model does.

I was told that the carbon scrim is pre-treated somehow and with this process they can manufacture a slightly thinner, lighter and stronger blank. What they have done is obviously Shimano’s secret, but on handling it (and other BeastMaster feeder rods) I can only say that they handle really well and would give you immediate confidence.

So what about the ‘old’ model? I have really enjoyed using it and being adjustable between 9 feet and 11 feet means I can get it into really tight swims where longer rods would be impossible. You will find a lot more of these tight swims now especially on commercial waters where space is at a premium.

I have enjoyed a few scraps with small carp to around 4 lbs and the rod really behaved itself well. It’s also been pressed into use on the Thames a few times at it’s full 11 feet length casting light groundbait and maggot feeders to midstream in pursuit of roach and perch and again, it didn’t fail to deliver. Maximum casting weight is 65 grams, which is ample for a 1-11/2 ozs feeder full of groundbait.

It’s a fun rod to use and that for me is the big bonus in fishing these days.

If I were a matchman specialising in feeder fishing (which I suppose I once was) there would always be room in my holdall for a rod like this. From fighting carp on tight commercials, lake bream, canal perch or river roach, it is a genuine all-rounder of a rod, but take a look at the rest of the BeastMaster range as they all look pretty good to me.

Price is around £ 75, but have a look at the FM advertisers for a good deal.

Jeff Woodhouse’s VERDICT

Well, if you hadn’t already guessed it, I’m one hell of a fan of this particular model of rod in the BeastMaster range. It doesn’t cost an arm and a leg and yet the quality is superb throughout. The dilemma for an old tackle-tart like me is, keeping up-to-date, should I upgrade to the new model?

There’s not many manufacturers that produce the shorter feeder rods these days, everyone else seems to head for the longer 12-14′ rods, but that’s where Shimano can win lots of sales. They do the longer rods, of course, but many is the time I have seen a short rod, such as a Winkle-Picker, win a match.

Speaking of Winkle Pickers though, there’s also the new Shimano SpeedMaster Winkle Picker at 8-9 feet and that could be the answer to my dilemma. Hmmmmmm!