Margaret, Margaret!!!Where’s me shirt? The blue one with the long sleeves.

The one that smells fresh,  though I’ve worn it for days.

The one that won’t stain when I drool down my chest. 

The posh one that looks better than all the rest


The one that is oh, so incredibly thin

Yet seems to be windproof and lets no cold in!

Ah,.. there it is!  Wouldn’t want to lose that – it’s one of my better finds

Columbia are the makers and it’s more than worth every dime!


It works as a full upper-body sun mask

And does everything you could reasonably ask

This light blue’s a colour that brings on a smile

Whilst you hunt them ol’ bonefish around Andros Isle


It’s also the business for keeping off flies

Whilst the boatman wields his pole

But a warning – don’t let a spark land on it, mate

…it’ll soon turn into a hole!


 Otherwise it’s bloomin’ great! 10/10




£64.99 @ Farlows on-line


Geoff Maynard



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