I can’t claim any fame to this nor any real intellectual rights, it is merely an adaptation of an existing method for tying a pellet band to a hair. I wasn’t happy with a band tied to a hair and being free as I occasionally missed the odd bite where the fish had the pellet in its mouth, but the hook was nowhere near. Hence the strike missed.

For a while I tried the age-old method of linking the band to the hook by lapping it around teh shank and then tucking it within itself and pulling tight. However, I was then not happy with the presentation of the pellet.

So this is the method I now adopt.


Firstly, tie the band to the nylon in your usual way, a form of slip knot. I use a three turn blood knot. Trim off the tag end tight to the knot and cut the hooklink to the desired length.

Then you must thread the loose end of the hooklink through the eye of the hook, but front (the point side of the hook) to back. Push the hook through the band and set the length of the hair to where you want it along the shank of the hook.

Now proceed to tie the no-knot knot in the usual manner finishing off by going through the eye back to front as normal.110113band2_578226263.jpg

When you mount a pellet it will sit tight to the hook and in line with the hook and, hopefully, you will no longer experience any missed bites at all! Try it on the pellet waggler next time.


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