Sunday December 3 has been set aside for the Mersey Cod Festival and £ 1000 has been banked for the angler with the heaviest fish.

As always, Wirral Boat Angling Club is the organiser and launching by tractor from the slipway at Victoria Road New Brighton runs from 7 to 10.30am.

It is a five-hour timed match with prizes going to the heaviest fish.

The entry fee is £ 15 per angler with an optional pool of £ 10 per boat.

Full details and bookings forms can be obtained from Richie Stead on 0151 677 9183 or 07958 748542.

Serious small boat angling in the north-west was in its infancy when Wirral Boat Angling Club ran its first Mersey Cod Festival 17 years ago.

That first year produced 150 boats that year with a best entry figure of 240 – maybe it will be bigger in 2000!

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