Baited again, all swims, covering around two miles of river there and back. Making firm plans for the start of fishing.
12ft North Western Sealey 2lb test curve tip rod. Too heavy you might think? Well, no, I’m happy. It is soft, it can deal with a rogue chub and it will combine with the bobbin butt approach. At 12ft, it is long enough to cope with wide weed margins. 

Reel. Piscario Titanium c’pin. The Wensum is no Trent and a pin can cope with casting and is uniquely sensitive in a big roach battle. 

Four pound line straight through to a size 10. A 2/3 SSG paternoster. 2 foot link. 2 foot hook length. Plenty of slack before a roach feels resistance. 

Bread (flake)on the hook and mash as loose feed. 

Landing net. Bits in jacket pocket. Sack. Scales..smallest I can find. Camera. Torch. Seat? There’s a problem. I’m in Norwich tomorrow. I’ll look around to see what’s on offer.

Tips..Morrisons white is 55p a loaf and mashes beautifully as well as being great on the hook. Mix mash up with hot water before leaving home. Saves using freezing river water. 

Chestwaders. Jacket. Beanie. Seal Skin gloves. Thermal socks. Good to go? Or am I missing a trick here fellow Roachers?