Rod Alert Service AnnouncedFishScotland Ltd are pleased to announce the launch of their new rod alert service which will be of great benefit to salmon anglers.

Prospective anglers can register to receive email updates of rods that have been added to the general availability on any given river, whether previously unreleased by the fishery, re-let by a tenant or because of a cancellation.

The alerts are automatically sent after midnight to all registered clients whose search criteria match any new availability, which has been added in the previous 24 hours. The rods are immediately bookable on a first come, first served basis, either using the existing online booking system, or via the FishScotland call centre which is open between 9am – 5pm.


The cost for this service is £ 10 + VAT (£ 11.75) per alert registration, for any given three month period for each individual river. Where an angler wishes to know about availability on several different rivers, the costs would compound in a similar fashion.

Details of the rod alert request form found on the following web page:

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FishScotland Ltd provides dynamic information on water conditions, daily catches and rod availability via a network of award winning websites all with online or call centre booking. We also provide 24-hour telephone & fax information lines and some SMS text messaging services.

River information and online booking is carried for the Annan, Dee, Don, the Esks, Findhorn, Galloway rivers, the Hebrides, Spey, Tay, Thurso and Tweed Rivers as well.

We have details of all of the Association Of Scottish Stillwater Fisheries members and a large number of other Stillwater fisheries. We are continually adding new fisheries and online booking facilities for these fisheries.

Additionally, we are continually updating details of the world-class wild brown trout fishing that can be found throughout Scotland. It is anticipated that this will grow to be a comprehensive reference point for any one wishing to fish for wild trout in Scotland.

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