Chris Wilson of LaGuna contacted me with a view to reviewing SAC juice and between us we selected three flavours for me to try: shrimp, plum and banana – yes, the infamous banana flavour as highly recommended by FishingMagic forum user Christian Barker (Chav Professor).

The first thing that struck me was the odour, well actually the lack of smell! I’d been anticipating a scent overload, and it was only then that I started thinking about posts made by Chris (Laguna) on the FM forum regarding chemical stimuli being key, rather than scents that we can detect.

My original plan was to include the shrimp flavour in my oily fishmeal based paste for chub and barbel, to act as an emulsifier to help the oils leach out, to help keep it soft in cold water and to increase attraction.

Sadly the weather put paid to all that!

So, after a change of plan, I tried using the banana flavour in conjunction with bread, mash and flake, adding about 10ml to a loaf of mashed bread and dipping the flake hookbait in neat Juice. This method produced a chub – my intended quarry – and a catch rate above my expectancy for plain bread; interestingly it also brought a good number of large bream to my net.

As a result of the poor river conditions this winter, l found myself fishing commercial stillwaters, where I tried adding shrimp SAC Juice to maggots and chopped worms at a rate of about 10ml to 1/2 a pint of either and/or both.

I can honestly say my catch rate doubled, again I dipped my hookbaits (double maggot) in neat Juice, on top of that I tried coating my hookbaits with a dusting of pre-digested shrimp powder too, I’m not sure if it improved things further  but I do know that I’ll be trying coating baits in the summer.

My verdict is that if you’re looking for a bait booster/enhancer, then I can highly recommend these products.