The South Coast Sea Trout Action Plan was developed in 2010 by the Environment Agency, Wild Trout Trust (WTT) and Atlantic Salmon Trust with the common goal of improving sea trout stocks on the south coast. The plan will deliver on the ground habitat improvements to rivers and streams that are critical for sea trout spawning and juvenile life stages.

In response to the action plan, Sussex Fisheries and Biodiversity (F&B) Team have now funded a Sea Trout Conservation Officer post which will be delivered through the WTT. The main focus of the post will be to address obstructions to fish passage, improve river habitat and protect vulnerable spawning grounds. This will contribute to River Basin Management Plan delivery under the Water Framework Directive.

The main role of the conservation officer will be to identify and prioritise low cost habitat focused projects within Sussex that can be delivered through the WTT. The Officer will also work with the Environment Agency Fishery and Biodiversity teams, rivers trusts, angling clubs, local authorities and landowners to identify and assess impacts to migration and spawning grounds. They will also produce prioritised lists of projects and actions in line with the Sea Trout Action Plan.

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