Source: Angling Trust

A brand new fun fishing competition has been launched – the ‘Saltwater Species Hunt Challenge’.


For those of you with long memories the competition  will be reminiscent of the ‘Fishing Race’ for the ‘golden maggot’ – albeit translated exclusively to the sea fishing arena –  and  it has been developed to encourage you to go fishing more often and to try and catch as many different saltwater fish species as you can. That’s not all though, there is also a competition to catch the largest fish possible in a separate ‘Specimen Hunt Challenge’.

Both challenges are free to enter and there will be monthly prizes supported by the Angling Trust, Tronix Pro, Breakaway Tackle and the brand new Sea Fishing Magazine.

The ‘Saltwater Species Hunt Challenge’ was the brainchild of Simon Farrow and Angling Trust Head of Participation, Clive Copeland and it has been developed to:

•    Be all inclusive

•    Encourage friendly competition

•    Encourage anglers to try their hand at new locations and new styles of fishing 

Register Now!

To register for the challenges, and to receive your free welcome pack, please send an email with your name as the subject to: and include the following information:

•    Name

•    Gender

•    Date of birth

•    Address

•    Contact number

•    Email address