The Catana Feeder rods are made from a full XT40 carbon blank andcome supplied with two spare, push-in, quiver tips.

There are two rods in the range; Medium and Heavy and both are12ft (3.6m) in length.

The Medium rod is recommended for medium range feeder work withweights up to 3oz (85g). The quivertips supplied with the Medium rodare glass-fibre in TC’s of 2oz and 3oz. The rod will easily handlethe smaller sizes of tench, chub and bream.

The Heavy model is ideal for longer casts and heavier feeders upto 4oz. This rod is powerful enough to handle fish in double figures.Supplied with quivertips of 21/2 oz and 4oz.

The part cork and Duplon handle features a screwed Fuji sleeve grip reel fitting and is extremely comfortable and secure in use.

The rings are low bell Shimano Hardlite whipped in burgundy silkthat looks well on the dark grey carbon blank.

The rods have the necessary stiff action for two thirds of their length for casting small to heavy swimfeeders or leger weights. The top third is easily supple enough to offer enough of a shock-absorber effect to prevent most hook-pulls, but it is as well to remember that feeder rods are necessarily stiffer and therefore it is important to set the reel drag on the loose side (or be well-practised in back-winding!) as an extra precaution.

Good, solid rods in a price bracket that will suit a great manyanglers.

Heavy: £ 79.99
Medium: £ 77.99