This is what Shimano say:

Exage Multi Purpose Mono & Catana Hi Spec Reel Lines
Shimano have undertaken a major research and development programme into producing a customised reel line that will endure the rigours of heavy-duty regular punishment.

By taking the best lines currently on the market clinically examining their characteristics Shimano have sourced a brand new type of nylon monofilament in two categories Exage Multi Purpose Mono & Catana Specimen Mono.

Manufactured to very hi specification without the brittleness displayed by some of the so called hi tec wonder lines, both Exage Multi Purpose Mono & Catana Specimen Mono reel lines display suppleness with hi abrasion resistance yet remain elastic for superior knot strength.

Shimano are confident that Exage Multi Purpose Mono & Catana Specimen Mono reel lines are the best technology has on offer for the foreseeable future and are set to become the benchmark in reel monofilament line.

Earlier this year Alan Scotthorne caught over 100 kilos of fish in Irish festivals in a very aggressive display of running line speed fishing on 4lb Exage Multi Purpose Mono using waggler and swimfeeder, subsequent inspection revealed no visible signs of deterioration in fact it looked exactly as it was first spooled.

Jan Porter recently put the 8lb Catana Specimen Mono through it’s paces taking 19 carp up to 20lb at Willow Park in a short session, once again the line performed superbly with no degradation whatsoever.

It’s clear that both Exage Multi Purpose Mono & Catana Specimen Mono line offer the following characteristics.

Unique triple treatment for high abrasion resistance. Ideal for snag fishing or extreme situations with rocks, gravel and mussel beds.

Water repellent/impervious molecular structure of line remains constant in and out of water.

Built in Ultra Violet inhibitors no degradation when exposed to direct sunlight or constant exposure to UV rays.

Extra supple low memory recall, longer more accurate casting less line slap on rings.

Super strong wet knot strength, paramount for angler confidence whatever the discipline.

Exage Multi Purpose Mono
This is ideal all round reel line suitable for float fishing in the lighter breaking strains yet superb for feeder fishing in the heavier breaking strains, it can be treated with silicon line float or detergent based line sink without degradation.

Suitable for all methods of fishing all models of fixed spool reel, Exage Multi Purpose Mono comes into it’s own on waters where ton up plus weights are on the cards and it works great in commercial carp type bagging waggler & method feeder scenario’s in the 4-8lb breaking strains.

For the float purist it great for both normal waggler and stick float work as well as block/open end feeder work on rivers & stillwaters in the 2-4lb breaking strains. The low memory & supple attributes ensures smooth casting and effortless line pay off for trotting.

Exage Multi Purpose Mono offers one very major reason for change it offers robust performance usually only associated with the current market leader, yet in digital micrometer diameter for diameter comparisons Exage Multi Purpose Mono out performs in terms of softness and knot strength.

Product Information

Order Code Description BS Length RRP(£ )
EXA2 Multipurpose Mono2lb 1003.99
EXA2.5 Multipurpose Mono2.5lb 1003.99
EXA3 Multipurpose Mono3lb 1003.99
EXA4 Multipurpose Mono4lb 1003.99
EXA5 Multipurpose Mono5lb 1003.99
EXA6 Multipurpose Mono6lb 1003.99
EXA8 Multipurpose Mono8lb 1003.99
EXA4F Multipurpose Mono4lb 2507.99
EXA5F Multipurpose Mono5lb 2507.99
EXA6F Multipurpose Mono6lb 2507.99
EXA8F Multipurpose Mono8lb 2507.99

Catana Specimen Mono
Launched with the U.K. specimen hunter in mind it is the ideal compliment to all the Shimano range of Baitrunners reels past and present check out the strength and the suppleness combing high abrasion resistance, low memory with perfectly uniform diameter.

The Ultra Violet inhibitor means that Catana Specimen Mono out performs many other monofilament lines left to dry out in the sun. Of course there’s plenty of UV around even in our temperate climate and these rays have an adverse effect to the characteristics of many monofilament lines.

When specimen fish are the quarry Catana Specimen Mono represents a serious choice of heavy duty mono, sometimes long session carp anglers may only get one shot at a PB and odds on it’s going to be heading for snags, heavy weed or drags the bow string-like tensioned line over razor sharp mussel/gravel festooned bars. Catana Specimen Mono offers the reassurance required for extreme situations when everything needs to be in the angler’s favour.

Not that this bulk-spooled line is for carp anglers alone, the superb all round qualities of Catana Specimen Mono make it an ideal choice for pike and catfish anglers in the 12lb & 15lb sizes whereas tench and barbel fanatics will find favour with it in the smaller 8lb & 10lb breaking strains for all types and methods of fishing including swimfeeder work and float fishing.

Product Information

Order Code Description BS Length RRP(£ )
CAT08 Catana Specimen Mono8lb 100017.99
CAT10 Catana Specimen Mono10lb 100017.99
CAT12 Catana Specimen Mono12lb 100017.99
CAT15 Catana Specimen Mono15lb 100017.99

FISHINGmagic says
First impressions by this author are that here we have two tough, abrasion resistant lines with a stated true wet knot strength, unlike many of today’s lines which are either under or over rated.

Two of FISHINGmagic’s contributor’s have been given this line to try several weeks ago. They will be reporting back shortly with their longer term assessments of it.