Make the most of your short sessions

Bits and pieces kept in a Nash hookbait bag
Most of these things have been said before…..but most need saying again! Like a lot of people, my fishing time is quite limited, so when I go I have to make the most of it. My typical session is a 6.30pm to 6am midweek overnighter, or a 9am to 4pm day trip (to fit in with child care!).

I always take as little tackle as possible. For me it’s a rucksack, rod bag, bivvy, bedchair and bait bucket. I can carry it in one go, so I don’t mind a bit of a trek.

When I’ve arrived at the lake and chosen a swim, the first thing I do (weather permitting) is get the rods out and bait up. Rods are tackled up and ready to go, so its just whack on the hookbaits and whack them out. I’ve got plenty of time to put up the bivvy and make a cup of tea.

All my baiting up bits and pieces are kept in a Nash hookbait bag. Typically it has a couple of high attract pop-ups, glugged and un-glugged pop-ups of my main bait, and glugged bottom baits. Keeping it in one place makes it easier at 2am in the morning!

Ready made PVA bags of pellets and chops
Rigs should be kept to your favourite tried and trusted ones. Short sessions are not the best time to experiment. Hedging my bets, it’s a pop-up or snowman on one rod, bottom bait on one, and an alternative on another – boilies aren’t everything……

To save time I’ve already made up some PVA mesh bags of pellets and chopped boilies, enough to give me one for each rod, and a couple of spares in case of mis-casts.

As soon as I’m settled I replace them ready for any action. They will last pretty much indefinitely in the bucket, so they are never wasted. At the end of the session, any left over freebies are added to the bucket ready for next time.

Dave and a 24.8 common caught ‘at the death’
At last….time to sit back…AND WATCH! Even if fish aren’t showing in your swim, it will be useful for next time – or maybe time for a move? I don’t normally use much bait on an overnighter- normally just a couple of spods of pellet/chops and a few freebies per rod, but it may be that the fish are having it big style!

Remember to make the most of EVERY second. The fish in the picture came on a rod laying on the floor as I had already packed up the buzzers and one of the other rods. If I had done as some do and packed up the rods first I would never have caught it.

I’ve even caught the odd bonus fish by re-casting 5 mins before I’m leaving-don’t be afraid to move at 5 in the morning and remember – 5 mins in the right spot is better than 12 hours in the wrong one!