36lb koi common
Elie Godsi and his 36lb 2oz Koi Common

Elie Godsi caught this beautiful 36lb 2oz Koi Common from Etang de Margot in August this year.

He caught it on a snowman made up of a trimmed tiger nut and a Quest Baits Pineapple Crush pop-up over a large bed of Quest Baits Garlic Feast particle mix.

He also caught another koi at 30lb 9oz, plus two 20’s and a 19.

Elie said, “tactics were to bait heavily (half a big bucket spread over an area of about half a tennis court in size) with Quest Baits Garlic Feast with added hemp and tigers onto harder clay areas in open water. Time spent prodding about from a boat with a landing net pole was well worth it. Hookbaits were tigers and Quest Baits Pineapple Crush pop ups. I had some problems with poisson chats but only some of the time.”

Etang de Margot is around 12 acres in size, situated in a rural and agricultural landscape, and within 2.5 hours drive from the port of Caen. The lake can be booked through Angling Lines.