As the editor of FishingMagic it is always a pleasure to receive articles from anyone but I have to confess whenever something from Dom drops into my inbox I always give a little smile.

Jerkbait fishingThe reasons for this editorial pleasure are twofold: Firstly, I know that very little in the way of editing will actually be required as Dom is a consummate writer with an easy-to-read, flowing style. Secondly, I know that I, and indeed everyone who will read the feature, will be either entertained or instructed – or indeed both.

So, with that in mind, you can imagine the warm glow of pleasure emanating from the editorial office when a copy of Dom’s new book, ‘Tangles with Pike’ dropped through the letter box. Having thoroughly enjoyed his previous two books: ‘Flyfishing for Coarse Fish’ and ‘Canal Fishing – A Practical Guide’ I was eager to get to grips with the latest and I ‘devoured’ it pike-like in a single gulp before then going back to savour each chapter in a little more detail.

Whereas Dom’s previous books were largely instructional this new offering is very slightly different. Yes, the instruction is still there – in spades – but, with a few exceptions, it is largely contained within a series of highly entertaining stories centred round differing aspects of pike fishing. We go out with Dom to a variety of venues: lakes, rivers, reservoirs, drains, in city centres, in Europe, in the dark… We fish with him, we share his successes – and failures – and we learn by ‘absorption’.

The ugly duckling...There are technical chapters – the one on the somewhat lost art of wobbling should open the eyes of a few anglers, but mostly we are simply reeled in by Dom’s enthusiasm and passion for piking and we learn along the way. No matter how many years you have been chasing old Esox you will find some great nuggets of information that will help you to put a few more fish on the bank.

And of course Dom being Dom it’s not all ‘traditional’ pike fishing; inside you will find features on fly fishing, spoon fishing, spinning, jerking, feeder fishing and, one of my favourites, fishing with an ‘ugly duckling. Thought-provoking and inspirational stuff that just makes you want to grab a rod and get out there!

Despite being in hardback format ‘Tangles with Pike’ has the look and feel of a magazine to it; this is not meant as a criticism as the short, beautifully illustrated and photographed chapters make for a marvellous read.

I wholeheartedly recommend it.

‘Tangles with Pike’ is published by DG Fishing, ISBN 978-0-9931204-0-4, costs £15.00, has 134 full colour pages and, with just 1000 first edition hardbacks printed, it’s very collectible too. Signed copies are available HERE and it is also available in a Kindle Edition at Amazon UK