Reviewed by Graham Marsden

This comprehensive book, first published in 1994, has made a recent appearance in paperback.

The book includes detailed sections covering the full range of lures available, how and when to use them, all the tackle and equipment needed, and how to make your own lures. Uniquely for a book of this type there is also detailed scientific information on how a predatory fish perceives and reacts to lures and prey.

Written in an accessible style with precise instructions and helpful advice interspersed with humorous anecdotes, reflections and examples drawn from the author’s wide experience.

Charlie Bettell is a frequent contributor to the angling press and a member of the Pike Angler’s Club and Lure Angler’s Society, and is heavily in demand as a speaker in the different organisations around Britain. An angler of many years’ experience, he has helped to revolutionise lure fishing in the UK.

There are many good photographs and some excellent line drawings. I particularly liked the colour photographs of the different lures, which are a great help to an inexperienced lure angler like myself.

160 pages + 8 pages colour

64 black & white photographs

35 line drawings

ISBN 1861264119

Paperback £ 12.99