15 May 2001


Another week of north easterlies, slowing the fishing down in manyplaces and making boat fishing very unpleasant. Speaking withSouthend’s local skipper Colin Bond who you can book a trip with on01702 390842, he said that it was mainly due to the weather thatcatches were down, but watch out when it settles, the fish will comebiting.

A couple of private boats report some plaice from the flats atThorpe Bay. The fish are a biting is what is happening on the pier asgood numbers of garfish are showing with up to 10 per session, alongwith a few flounders and the chance of the odd plaice. Use mackerelstrip on float tackle for garfish, slid it down whilst fishing forflounders to give yourself the chance of both fish on one cast.

The beaches at Southend are fishing for a few flounders and theodd eel showing on the night tides, crab now the best bait. Come inand see Kev or ring us on 01702 617764 for the latest news.

A 7lb 8oz bass was landed from the Cow Patch at Tilbury, otherwisepeople are waiting for more bass and eels to turn up. The Jeesie-mayfrom Wallasea fished offshore on one day for some bass to 7lb 8ozplus a few roker and smoothounds, there seems to be plenty of smallbass in the river Crouch and the private boat the Keefy took roker to12lb only 15 minutes from the marina.

From the shore marks there are still herring to be caught as wellas some small bass. The Bradwell boats are also finding life hard atthe moment with only a few roker. Terry Batt reports that in theriver Blackwater though, it is full of big pouting and whiting to1lb, it is very unusual for this a this time of year, if you use 3hooks you will get 3 at a time. Book Terry for some excellent summerfishing on 01621 786170. I mentioned last week a Southend trawlerlanding a 6lb hake, well, Richard Jacobs who runs the Mariner fromWivenhoe landed a 3lb hake. It tasted the business he said.

Walton pier is producing heaps of small bass according to RichardHolgate at Metcalf’s. The beaches are fishing for eels and poutingand at the Naze you will find some eels, pouting and doggies. RingRichard on 01255 675680 for the latest info.

Dave Brown at Breakaways has news of plenty of flounders and eelsin the river Orwell, a few mullet showing in the docks at Ipswich andsome codling left at Felixstowe. To learn how to fish for mulletphone Dave on 01473 741393. Our friend in Aldeburgh has not so muchto tell this week with the odd codling, dabs and flounders atPakefield and Dunwich, some eels in the river Alde. Gill at Sam Hookson 01502 565821 points you towards Pakefield, Corton and Tramps Alleyfor dabs and dabs. Doug at Tackle and Tide on 01493 852221 has lotsof news from the central beach at Yarmouth with a 9lb 4oz bassreported and lots of bass to 2lb 8oz.

The south beach is also fishing for bass and the groyne near theharbour for bass and the river is now fishing for flounders. CromerSports boss Martin can be reached on 01263 513676, to tell you tofish Trimmingham and Walcot for bass and flounders. Moving on up, wehave Tony Hirst at Mablethorpe Angling, here you can fish for bass atSeaview and Sandylands to 2lb 8oz as well as flounders, best baitswill be squid and sprat. Dave Dobbs recommends Moggs Eye, Hornsea fora few bass and doggies.


Dave Fuller from Southend, is having a good run in his clubmatches. In his last match he landed 9 garfish and 2 flounders for8lb 11 1/2oz good weight anywhere. He was fishing along the stem ofSouthend pier. The successful tackle was a single hook paternosterwith crab as bait on the bottom and a two-hook sliding float tracefor the garfish with mackerel strip. This is the most successful rigfor getting the most out of fishing the pier in matches so take notefor the next pier match on June 3rd.



Current Form
There are still some codling here, along with the residentflounders. More and more bass and eels showing now as well.

Lug and squid are the best baits and as soon as more crab turnup. These all round fish killers are a must.

Tackle and Tactics
Use standard beach casting tackle with 15lb mainline with 60lbshockleader. A pulley rig with 1/0 hooks on 40lb amnesia, casting to100 yards either side of high tide will get you the best opportunityof the fish.

Take the A52 to Skegness, then follow it out to Sutton to themain car park and away you go.

Local Tackle Shop
Mablethorpe Angling, 01507 478444

Ten anglers fished the first of the midweek series for the SAASclub at Westcliff on the 2nd May. The winner was Dave Fuller with 6flounders for 2lb 7 1/2oz. In second place was junior Lewis Clarkwith 2 flounders for 1lb 14 1/2oz and father Russell Clark followedinto third place with 2 flounders for 1lb 7 1/2oz.

13 SAAS club members fished a club match on Southend pier on 6thMay. This was a good week for Dave Fuller who won again with 9garfish and 2 flounders for 8lb 11 1/2oz in a close fought daybeating Keith Summers into second place with 8 garfish and 1 flounderfor 7lb 9 1/2oz. Son Paul Fuller followed in third place with 7garfish and 1 flounder for 6lb 6 1/2oz. The biggest garfish fell toPaul Fuller a specimen of 1lb 9oz, the top junior was Bailey Hodsonwith 2lb 13oz.

Eight anglers from the Rayleigh Codfathers SAC spent two days outat Hayling Island, fishing on the Starfish skippered by DaveStephenson. They caught over 50 smoothound over 12lb, the best overthe two days fell to John Fallon, a fish of 20lb. Dave Choat caughtalso two tope the best at 36lb. All fish were weighed andreturned.

The pouting have returned to the Medway, but still with only a feweels. Rumour has it that the roker fishing from the shore around theWarden point area was very good this year (was).

The Folkestone and Dover areas have been hit with the worst Mayweed bloom for many years making the water like tea. However thereare fish still to be caught, there are plenty of small fish form theFolkestone area with a few good plaice from the pier at Folkestone.Try Samphire Hoe for some wrasse, pouting and doggies. There are somegood shoals of mackerel around but difficult to locate because of themay weed from the Dover area.

Do not forget that the Bait and Tackle Centre match on the piernext week from 10am to 3pm on Sunday 20th.


Doggetts had a good start to the week with the warmer weatherencouraging roach, tench and bream to an assortment of baits. Thosefishing with plenty of quality ground baits were the most successful.Carpist also enjoyed a great week until the arrival of the coldwinds.

Chris Lindsey of Westcliffe enjoyed another good outing when helanded mirrors of 14lb, 15.5lb and 19lb; while Adam Lineman of Leighhad a rewarding rare outing and landed two mirrors of 13.5lb &19.5lb.

Garry Norton of Hockley, had a good first trip to the North Bankand landed a 15lb mirror. His second trip was even more successfulwhen he netted 2 mirrors of 12lb & 13.5lb plus a superb specimenof 18.5lb.

Another Hockley angler also had a good trip to the North Bank witha 21lb mirror.

Aquatels anglers, despite the restrictions, have been making thebest of the daytime fishing. Terry Rance has been fishing the EssexBay and continued his good spell with pike, taking fish of 14lb 4oz,13lb 4oz and several jacks over 2 or 3 sessions. Terry used mackereldead bait as his successful bait.

Ian Long used mackerel tails to target Pike from the Oaks swim andtook fish of 12lb 10oz, 8lb & 4lb along with 2 Eels.

Taking several Jacks during his session, Mark Wright enjoyed hisshort spell at Quays Bay, and reported seeing several large fish inthe area.

Regular, John Watts bagged his first Tench of the season with animpressive 8lb specimen using floatfished lob worm.

Paul Johnson, fishing from the Back Bay managed to land a brace ofTench at 7lb & 6lb along with a few Roach and Rudd on an earlymorning session.

Rob Mayes used 15mm boilies to land a 6lb 4oz Tench from the EssexBay.

Finally putting his carp jinx to rest, Rodney Lewsey took a fullyscaled mirror of 23lb, a ghost of 18lb a common of 15lb as well aslosing two others from the Essex Bay. Takes came tight in the marginsto 15mm and squid homemade boilies fished on 2″ pop-ups.

Casting out past the Middle Island, Darren Selby took a Carp of15lb and lost another, and had a tench of 4lb and an Eel of 3lb. DeanPerham fished from the Willows to land a common of 18lb 14oz with 2″pop-ups and Carp Tech reaction boilies.

Neil Bunting finally landed his first Carp of the season, a 15lb4oz Ghost carp, his fishing partner Michael Blackburn took fish of10lb 4oz, 10lb 2 oz and 8lb he toped this off with a fully scaledmirror of 20lb. All fish fell to Nash big strawberry boilies on thebottom, with the Hotel bank being the favoured location.