It’s Christmas so that means it’s quiz time. Love ’em or hate ’em Christmas quizzes are as much part of Christmas as puddings and stockings, so what better way to spend it than scoffing a few Christmas puddings, unhooking a few silk stockings and pitting your wits against these brain teasers set by FISHINGmagic regular columnist and your quizmaster for this year, Mark Wintle.

This is not your usual ‘silly’ quiz where the answers are so obvious it just becomes a lottery for the prizes, but a real stinker of a quiz that you’ll have to think hard about and do some research. And that’s what should make it interesting.

The winner, as decided by quizmaster Mark, will receive a Kryston Advanced Angling Goody Bag containing 1 spool of 12lb Krystonite, 1 spool of 15lb Super Mantis, 1 carton of Halibut Doppel-Ganger Designer Hookbait, 1 bottle Klin-ik and 2 bags of Snak-Pak PVA bags and a Kryston sticker. The runner-up will receive a spool of 12lb Krystonite.

The winner gets a Kryston Goody Bag and the runner-up will win a spool of 12lb Krystonite

The closing date is midnight, 2nd January. Mark will then choose the entry he considers closest to being correct. In the event of more than one winning entry he will choose the first one submitted. The next all-correct entry will claim the runner-up prize.

Don’t let the difficulty of the quiz stop you from having a go, for don’t forget that the one with the most correct answers wins.


  1. Water Rail was Dick Walker’s pen name. But who were L. O. Mycock and Courtney Moore?
  2. Roy Whitehall didn’t catch a “record” pike; who did?
  3. In fish hybridisation, what does F1 stand for?
  4. What famous Irish angler caught a record catch of specimen roach?
  5. Who stocked a Dorset lake with large mouth black bass in 1935?
  6. What match used to be known as the ‘Big ‘Un’?
  7. Who equalled Wilf Cutting’s record roach of 3-10 in 1935?
  8. Who was Robert Hardy-Corfe and what species was he famous for catching.
  9. What famous angling writer fished the Wrackle?
  10. When Robin Harris won the National in 1971 he added it to his World title, but what float was he using?
  11. Martin Bowler claims more 4lb+ perch than any other. Whose record did he beat?
  12. Where did J W Martin fish on the Dorset Stour?
  13. What Welsh angler tried unsuccessfully for years to get into the England team?
  14. Who invented the fluted float?
  15. In the early sixties Peter Drennan was equal first in a ‘Fishing’ float making competition. Who was joint runner-up?
  16. What float was transformed into the Trent Trotter?
  17. And by whom? And where?
  18. Where is the “Rack”?
  19. What was special about Ray Mumford’s fishing van?
  20. Shot sizes include SSG. What does the G stand for? (it’s not GOOSE!)
  21. What book contains a story of a murder case defence with a roach angler as witness?
  22. The original Mitchell 300 had a half bail. Why?
  23. What British fish species lives and breeds in both freshwater and the sea?
  24. When and where were the first fishing reels developed?
  25. Of whom was it said in 1980, “if he draws the best section, he’ll win the National”?
  26. What British species of fish has recently been discovered to be a whole series of different species?
  27. When Sabrina cries, which river rises?
  28. Which Home counties chalk stream has started producing trout again after many decades of neglect?
  29. What fish is slowly colonising Somerset waters, causing concern with its abundance?
  30. Who was The Philandering Angler?
  31. If I was fishing the Isis, which city would I be in?
  32. Who was Piscator Rotundus? Bumblefake? Integer Vitae?
  33. If I was ‘brogling’ what fish would I be trying to catch?
  34. What does the designation “Royal Hedra” apply to?
  35. A reader wrote a letter to Angling Times saying that any good match angler could beat the pants off Walker. Who was the reader?
  36. What happened to Ivan Marks when he appeared on the TV programme The Philpot File?
  37. Which tackle inventor developed an electronic monkey climber in the early eighties?
  38. Three common river names – Avon, Stour, Frome; what do they mean?
  39. Who was Hoppy Doffton’s fishing companion, and what did they catch?
  40. The famous tackle firm of Egginton’s was based where?

And you don’t have to get them all right to be in with a chance!