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Harris Angling say:

The new Harris Angling catalogue takes a fresh look at the lure fishing scene, and provides a wealth of valuable information on lure fishing techniques and target species.

The catalogue is arranged by species this year, making it easier to use. Covering pike, bass, perch, chub, salmon, trout, zander and warm salt water species, there is something for everyone here. There are also helpful introductions to the basics of lures and lure fishing – so even the beginner can feel confident in making his or her lure selection.

The catalogue is crammed with lures, both time tested favourites and brand new offerings, especially in the Harris’s own Mean Lures range. There is a big choice of specialist lure fishing rods from the Harris Lure Pro range, backed up by a wide selection of famous name reels, and of course a comprehensive range of lines, hook, and lure fishing accessories.

Fishing in the tropics is a fast growing part of the sport, and there is a strong selection of specialist lures and tackle which is backed up by Harris Angling’s first rate information service.

The catalogue now represents just the tip of the iceberg of the Harris Angling range. These days the highly successful Harris web-site at offers the most comprehensive selection of lures and lure fishing tackle available in the UK – possibly in the world – plus one of the friendliest and most informative message boards around.

To order a free copy call 0870 7444970, e-mail or write to Harris Angling, Whimpwell Green, Lower Happisburgh, Norfolk NR 12 OAJ

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Very informative, well laid out, good photography and some great tips on lure fishing throughout its pages. Certainly the catalogue to have if you have some cash burning a hole in your pocket and some new lures are beckoning.