Fishing with Richworth Tuti fruti boilies over pellet at 60 yards, Tung Chung, from Leicester has caught a new St. Johns record. At 38.10 the big mirror is a PB for Tung who also caught mirrors of 24.04 and 17.08.

Brother, Ton Chung, from Cardiff was not to be outdone and fishing similar methods caught mirrors of 30.06, 28.02, 24.06 and a common of 19.04.

Ashley Ball from Somerset has also found the better fish and fishing Trigga Boilies over broken Sauce Boilies has caught mirrors of 31.01 and 30lb.

Chris Haynes, from Hornchurch, fishing Heathrow Bait Services Indian Spice pop-ups has caught mirrors of 20lb, 14.04 and a catfish of 26.01.

The big mirror known as ‘Cut Tail’ has been caught by James Langdon at 38.12.

First time visitor, Steven White from Ripely, found the carp feeding when he fished particles over pellets. Steven caught a common of 16.08 and three mirrors of 34.10, 22lb & 14.01. The big mirror was a PB.

From across the channel, Belgium big carp angler, Theo Pustjens, has forsaken his big home grown commons, for a week, to catch some of the St. Johns nice scaly ones. So far Theo has managed a 21.08 common!!!! but he has caught a mirror of 26.08 and three doubles.

Martin Ditchman from London has caught a common of 25.08, a fully scaled mirror of 17lb and a low double. Martin used Martin Lockes Day Glow Banana Boilies. He was joined later by his son Jason [Razor] Ditchman who so far has managed three doubles.

Peter Carr from London has caught a common of 25.08 and a first time visitor whose name we missed caught a 30lb common off the spit.

Frank Warwick, with his usual flare, is fishing at 80+ yards with particles over pellet and so far he has caught a common of 22lb, a mirror of 24.08 and a double.

Dougie Franklin fished a single Richworth Multi-Plex boilie to catch a mirror of 28.04.

Roger Mitchell and his son Gary are on the water and so far Gary has caught a mirror of 31.06 and Dad has caught one of 24.06. On his third visit to the water, Mike Ballard, from Harrow, has caught a PB mirror of 32lb. The bait was a cream boilie.

Fishing at 60 yards with Terry Hearne – The Source hook baits and PVA bags filled with pellets, Gary Mitchell caught mirrors of 31.06, 29.04 and 24.14. Gary’s Farther, Roger Mitchell, fishing at the same distance with Richworth Multi-Plex and PVA bags & pellets caught mirrors of 23.04 and 21.08.

Jimmy Evans from Wales was delighted with his brace of mirror carp of 41.04 and 35.08. The big mirror is a new Guy lakes record.

Ron Buss (Bless Him) fishing Richworth Multi-Plex Boilie hook-baits with PVA bags filled with a mixture of Richworth Carp Pellets and Hinders Slcker pellets has caught two ghost carp of 21 & 22lb, plus mirrors of 27.14, 23.14, 15.08, 14.08 and 12.08.

London’s Mick Stebbings fishing particles, has caught a mirror of 32.13.

A Richworth Bio-Plex boilie did the trick for Clive Turner of Didcot Angling with a superb 28.13 mirror carp.

Wolverhamptons, Peter Quinten fishing Trigga Ice Boilies over pellet has caught five mirrors – four twenties and a double – the best fish weighed 24.08. Peter also caught two tench to 6lb.Russell Pugh from Wantage fished the method and caught a mirror of 18.10.

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