Belgium angler Wesley Legaert, fishing with Terry Hearne, cast to 90 yards using The Source Boilies and the Dynamite stick rig containing meaty groundbait to catch a common of 32.08.

Richard Howell from Stoke on Trent is fishing particles over a spod mix and caught a linear mirror of 25.09.

It is widely believed by those that fish on the Guy Lakes Syndicate waters that Carp Talk contributor, Alvin Roy, never baits his hooks. Well, they were wrong, Alvin managed to catch two 13lb fish from the water last night. His friend and bodyguard, the 107 year old, managed a mirror of 14lb and their companion and wetnurse Alan Davidson caught one of over 18lb. It was noted that all the fish caught were the carp recently stocked into the water.

Nick Helleur on the water for one day to do a feature for a Belgium Fishing Magazine caught ten mirrors on the stick rig with particle hook baits.

Neil Overton from Coventry fished Mainline M8 Boilies with pellets in PVA bags at 60 yards, to catch a 23.08 mirror carp.

Ian Chilcott spent 24 hours on the water and caught five mirrors to 14.08.

Oxford’s Nick Basset is fishing particle hook baits and spodding pellet at 40 yards and so far he has caught four mirrors to mid-double.

Fishing on the method, Richard Evans from Aylesbury has caught seven mirrors to double figures.

Mac Mcarthey has caught two mirrors on Richworth Complex Boilies – a double and a 25.08.

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