The syndicate on RMC’s Wraysbury One have been braving the winter conditions and it’s paying off big style.

Celebrity mirror Mary, weighing in at 53lb 12oz fell to the rod of Simon Cupit and then John McAllister beat another heavyweight when he landed The Pug who tipped the scales at 40lb 2oz.

John, 31, from Orpington, Kent had previously caught a young stock fish known as Baby Mary from the North Lake. He then returned to the 120 acre lake and chose an ice-free spot, baited up, and was fishing by 11.30am.

Simon and Pug
The 17ft deep swim lay over 100yds out along the edge of an island margin and was baited with hemp and boilies.

It was 2.45pm when the alarm sounded just two bleeps and signalled a tentative take. Donning a life jacket he jumped in his boat and got over the top of the fish. Fifteen minutes later he saw the fish in mid-water and knew it was a big mirror. Another 10 minutes went by before it was netted and recognised as The Pug.

It is a personal best fish for John, his previous best being the Railway Lake Leather at 39lb 6oz.

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