The Rigs Page is here to illustrate all those rigs that will be useful to both beginners and experienced anglers.

The rigs can be extremely simple and well known, or very complicated and little known, it doesn’t matter providing they make some kind of sense and have a really practical application.

It could be a standard running leger rig that a beginner will appreciate seeing in pictures, or a very complicated anti-eject carp rig that the experienced carp angler would like to see.


I call this my Brummie Barbel Rig because I mainly use it whenfishing the mighty river Severn.

The running boom with two rubber beads below is used to push the hooklength away from the mainline, this is most important on a river that when carrying 10 feet of floodwater could be 25 to 30 feet deep,you need to be sure that everything is as it should be.

The hooklength is slightly longer than I normally use, at about 8″ to 9″ and this incorporates a loop and band to allow me to fish meat (as the Meatball Rig) or boilies.