The upper treble is tied on knotless-knot style and has a size 6 single attached with a length of Dacron to its eye. This leaves the upper treble free to find a hook hold. The lower treble is just threaded on the trace and secured with a length of silicone tubing. The lower treble is held on the trace by a plastic bead crimped or twisted on the end of the trace wire. Don’t use glass beads as they will shatter under high loads.

The rigged up smelt shows how the bait hangs in the water. Used on a paternoster in flowing water, it wafts around and gives off all the right signals. It is equally effective suspended under a drifter float or normal float, but I must say that I go back to a standard trace for leger fishing or laying-on as I find that the free points on the top treble pick up too much crap from the bottom.

The completed trace

Close-up detail

Rigged-up smelt