Jeff Woodhouse with some good advice about getting pole sections unstuck


There’s the usual methods of twisting it gently, tapping the joint, rolling it, rocking it, but before taking a blunt instrument to it, try this.

Pic 1

You require two long pieces of 1″ x 1″ timber or strong 15 – 18mm dowel will do. They must be long enough to extend well beyond the stuck section. Tape them to the upper section (pic 1), the bit that would normally come away, with gaffa tape or something else really strong; masking tape might not be strong enough. The section must be really secured to the wood.

Pic 2

The lower section should be left hanging free and the wood should extend well past the bottom end of the pole (pic 2). I have put a pole bung in place, but a piece of crumpled up newspaper taped to the end will protect the carbon when the section falls out.

Pic 3

Now, with a little courage, hold the sections upright and strike the wooden lengths hard on a concrete floor making sure to keep the top absolutely vertical (pic 3). Start with several light blows and build up in force as you gain more confidence. There is no twisting on the joint and the shock of the blow(s) should unstick the section.

Notice in this photo how the entire lower section is unsupported by any tape and is free to fall.

Caveat! – There is no guarantee that you won’t damage the pole since the job is under YOUR control all the way. However, this has worked for me with pole sections that got stuck and a landing net handle that also got stuck. It should be seen as a last ditch effort, but think carefully before you try it and work out where the force will be and which section is to come free. You don’t want to bang it further in.