After four successive, and highly successful, years on Lake Madine in northern France the World Carp Classic is switching venues and the 2012 tournament will be held on Italy’s Lake Bolensa during the first week of September.

Event founder and director Ross Honey said:

“The outstanding success of the competition in its formative years was certainly in no small measure down to the initial choice of venue, and Lac de Madine is rightfully heralded by many as being the spiritual home of the World Carp Classic. Although the subsequent moves to Amance and Orient were successful and enjoyable, the competitions return to Madine was seen by many to be ‘going home’ again.

Lake Bolensa, new home for the 2012 eventFollowing on from the last four successful years at Lac de Madine, the World Carp Classic is heading to Italy and Lake Bolsena for the 2012 event. Located just north of Rome this massive volcanic lake covers 144km2 of water and has 53km of bankspace. The lake is in fact 10 times bigger than Madine and with a road right around it, anglers will be able to drive to the peg that they have drawn and virtually fish out of the back of the car.

The town of Bolsena will be the centre point for the event and we have been fortunate enough to have the historic town square closed especially for the opening flag parade. Leading the parade will be majestic white horses coupled to the original chariot used in the blockbuster film Ben Hur, and awaiting competitors’ arrival will be a full Roman fanfare to herald in the official opening ceremony.

The scene is set and the challenge awaits!”

The 2012 event will see an increase in the number of places available with 160, as opposed to the previous 130, up for grabs and anyone wishing to take part can find an entry form and full details HERE.


The change of venue is expected to see an increase in the numbers of fish caught compared to previous years as Lake Bolensa holds a much larger head of fish compared to Madine. Most of the fish present are commons with an average weight of 15kg and a lake record of some 30kg.


Pure Fishing brand JRC are set to be the headline sponsors of the event as in previous years and you can keep up with all of the results and action here on FishingMagic.