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Autumns Here

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Ah, autumns here! Arrive in the dark and rain, leave in the dark and rain - well, at least it keeps the crowds down! One minute it was crystal clear skies, the next it was chucking down. I was able to get set up in the dry, which makes all the difference. I had a quick chat with the owner, who reckoned it had been fishing hard for a week or so (proabably trying to make me feel better!)

I had a fish in the middle of a monsoon at just after 2 this morning, a mid double common. Luckily, as I fish quite close to the rods, I was able to play the fish for much of the time from under the brolly.
I'd swapped attractors around as I felt the bait might be a bit too subtle for short sessions - whether this made any difference, or whether it was the change in the weather who knows. Fish were boshing over the bait reasonably frequently too.

Maybe able to put in a 36hr session next week, it'll be nice to see the lake in the light