2010 Cheshire Junior Team Champs (result)


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Jul 24, 2009
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Wednesday 4th August saw 8 angling clubs represented in the inaugral Cheshire Junior Team Champs. The event was organised by the recently-formed Cheshire Angling Development Group, a collection of clubs and angling coaches supported by the Angling Development Board.

Thanks to Bay Malton Angling Club for hosting the event on their Meridian Canal lake at Border Fisheries, and to the Environment Agency for supplying the team trophy and individual prizes.
All of the young anglers caught fish, in what was for many their first taste of team competition.

Individual Results:
1. Harry Rushton (Bay Malton AC) 28-6
2. Adam Martin (Bay Malton AC) 25-6
3. Ryan Parr (Bay Malton AC) 16-8
4. Eddie Robinson (Wem angling) 15-9
5. Kaythan Shillito (Northwich) 15-4
6. Will Oliver (Warrington) 15-2

Team Results:
1. (40pts) Northwich Anglers
2. (39pts) Warrington Anglers
3. (31pts) Bay Malton AC
4. (28pts) Wem Angling
5. (21pts) Prince Albert AS
6. (20pts) Barnton & Frodsham AC
6. (20pts) Penketh & Old Hall
8. (13pts) Congleton AS