Live Baiting Tilapia in a Storm!

Scuba Chris

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Jan 25, 2018
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Used My 2 NEW HCS 13'3" & 14'2" Surf Rods w/Cedros 2020 Spinning Reels!

Again the bite was slow today. So i tried what i could with what i had on hand. By the time i got home soaked i knew i was becoming ill. Still it was nice meeting other anglers who knew who i was. Got 2 shore casters intrigued with the HCS Surf Rods that i was using. The 13'3" & 14'2". After i let them try casting mine they both loved the feel.

Normally casting live bait attracts some "Big Boys". This area has them. But not this day. Chatting with the few anglers left they all told me it was a slow week there for everyone. Sorry for the darkness & wind drowning out the audio at times. I was still able to make a few casts & hopefully got enough footage to show how it's done.

Hook wise going up one more size would've been better if i got a strike. I have the hooks at home but bringing "the shop" often slows you down.