Surge Channel Bluefin Trevally Smackdown!

Scuba Chris

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Jan 25, 2018
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Used My Now Obsolete Okuma T40X Salmon Steelhead Rod!

This morning i used a 7'9" Okuma T40X Steelhead Rod paired with a Shimano Stradic 3000 CI4 reel with 6lb Seaguar Mono & 6lb Sakura Fluorocarbon Leader. Lure is a modified fly using Landon Yamamoto's CHL extended glow orange 2in grub on a Odoul#6 with glow threads & beads. I visited a old fishing spot that has dangerous rip currents for swimmers between tides. It's a reef surge channel a little over 100yrds wide that separate 2 reefs. When the surge starts ripping eddies are formed. This stirs up the bottom that brings sediment nutrients to the surface. This attracts smaller species such as Mackerel, Goats & Scads. This in turn attracts the predators such as Trevally Jacks & Barracudas. I had hooked and released 5 smaller Bluefin Trevally Omilu Papio's (local term for any Travally Jack species under 10lbs) earlier.

I use a 3/8oz lead egg on my main 6lbs Seaguar monlilament line with a steel snap swivel. My detachable Sakura 6lbs Fluorocarbon leader is only 7ft used to whip shallower reefs without getting hung-up (longer leaders will catch the reef). My lure is my own modified version of a Hawaiian fly using glow beads, evil eye bead, Odoul#6 hook, glow threads, & Landon Yamamoto's CHL 2in extended glow grubs. This morning i tried the new orange.